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It seems like the world is changing daily in front of our eyes. Several articles that I bookmarked to share earlier this month already felt dated and irrelevant in our current environment.

The BestWe managed to collect a variety of articles that are both timely and timeless to help you invest through the uncertainty of this market crash. There were also some great selections to help you think about managing volatility going forward as you continue planning for or managing your retirement.

In this time of fear and uncertainty, it’s important to stay informed. But we must not lose our sense of hope. So I included a few ideas that have me feeling optimistic about the future.

We also can’t lose our sense of wonder for all that is amazing in this world. One of the common values that Darrow and I hold dear is finding that sense of wonder in nature. So we close with a few selections about getting into the great outdoors, including one guaranteed to bring a smile to your face even if you don’t share our love of wild places.

Investing Through a Market Crash

Are you questioning what to do with your investments during this period of market chaos. Some very smart people are answering questions many of us have.

Allan Roth asks What would Jack Bogle do?

Mike Piper asks more poignant questions, What’s Coming Next? And What to Do About It?

Ben Carlson is a student of markets. He asks What If You Buy Stock Too Early During A Market Crash?

Limiting Volatility Risk

For younger investors looking to build wealth, bear markets are your friend. They allow you to purchase more stocks at depressed prices. But for those living off of our portfolios, bear markets (particularly long bear markets early in retirement) can decimate a portfolio. It is vital to have a strategy to be able to avoid selling out of need or panic.

Michael Kitces was on the Choose FI podcast to discuss flexible spending rules in retirement and the massive impact of being adaptive with spending and/or earning in retirement.

Christine Benz advocates for a bucket strategy and points out that you won’t hear much about cash drag in 2020, writing The Buckets Are Working.

Portfolio Charts looks at the performance of a variety of popular portfolios over the past month and during the biggest drawdowns historically with Asset Allocation in the Most Painful Month.

Challenge of Creating Retirement Income

One challenge retirees face is converting a portfolio built for accumulation into retirement income. Prior to the pandemic and resulting market volatility, Vanguard announced dramatic changes to its managed payout fund. In the wake of this news, Madeline Hume explored, Why Haven’t Retirement-Income Funds Caught On?

A Little Bit of Hope

It’s easy to get caught in the doom and gloom of our current circumstances. Morgan Housel reminds us that many of our greatest societal triumphs develop as a response to some of our greatest challenges, writing Common Enemies.

I recently shared how we’re planning for our daughter’s college education, electing to use a taxable account over a 529. We chose flexibility over tax savings because we’re not sure what the value of a college degree will be or how education will evolve over the next decade. I personally found it encouraging to receive this message from my alma mater, The University of Pittsburgh, announcing that they were reducing the educational requirements for their Doctor of Physical Therapy program by one semester in an effort to reduce student costs and enable them to enter the workforce sooner. I reached out to commend them for their interest in their students’ financial well being. This opened a conversation and plans are in the works for me to give a talk to their students about getting a good start financially and the principles of financial independence when the school reopens.

The Great Outdoors

One of the first blog posts I ever wrote, Dirtbag Millionaires, explained that Kim’s and my initial motivation to seek financial independence was driven by competing “dirtbag” ideals with a desire for financial security. Owen Clarke wrote Deep Pockets explaining that “dirtbag” climbers are mostly a relic of the past. He explains the important positive economic and environmental impacts climbers have on their communities.

Darrow has struggled with getting out and being as active as he’d have liked over the past few years. Nagging injuries have plagued him until he found great aid from an often overlooked tool. He explains in this interview, The Value of Time and Freedom.

Sometimes injuries, weather, and yes even quarantines keep us stuck inside. Kristen Bor shares 20+ Ways to Get Your Nature Fix Indoors.

The Not So Great Outdoors?

In times like this, we all need to remember to laugh a little. Whether you love or hate the outdoors, you’ll get a good laugh from our last selection. From Amber Share,  I Illustrated National Parks In America Based On Their Worst Review And I Hope They Will Make You Laugh.

This past month has been a struggle to know what to write about. Like everyone else, we’re adjusting to our new reality. We would appreciate any feedback as to the content and tone of the articles here, and what you desire from us as we all work through unprecedented challenges and constantly changing circumstances over the coming weeks and months until life regains a sense of normalcy. Thanks and take care of yourselves and each other.

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