Choose FI

Your Blueprint to Financial Independence

Distilling the best of the popular ChooseFI podcast, this book pulls from the collective knowledge of those who have decided to build a lifestyle around their passions instead of allowing their finances to dictate their future.

These stories demonstrate universal principles, giving you the opportunity to pick the elements that are the most applicable to your financial situation and “choose your own adventure.”

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What Readers Are Saying…
“A few years ago the podcast, Choose FI, exploded on the scene. Each week Brad and Jonathan explored the how and why of achieving FI with the best minds in the space. Now with the help of Chris Mamula, in this book, they have distilled those hundreds of episodes into a concise, clear and achievable path. Well done and well worth your time.”

JL Collins, bestselling author of The Simple Path to Wealth

“This book is outstanding. A proven and effective financial philosophy coupled with specific, actionable advice addressing the biggest challenges to FI (including housing, health insurance, and more). This well-researched, easy to read book is brought to you by three of the finest students of FI around and should be on everyone’s reading list. Thank you Brad, Jonathan, and Chris!”

Scott Trench, CEO – Bigger Pockets and author of Set for Life: Dominate Life, Money, and the American Dream

“This is a comprehensive book about how to become financially independent, filled with personal stories and inspirational examples of those in the FIRE (Financial Independence Retire Early) community.”

Kristy Shen, co-author of Quit Like a Millionaire: No Gimmicks, Luck, or Trust Fund Required and the popular Millennial Revolution blog

“This book is a practical, actionable and inspirational guide to taking command of your financial freedom and designing a future you can’t wait to live into.”

Dominick Quartuccio, author of Design Your Future: 3 Simple Steps to Stop Drifting and Take Command of Your Life

What You’ll Learn…

We’ll teach you the rules that enable financial independence far sooner than most assume is possible.
First, unlearn the “rules” that everyone “knows” related to:

When you can retire. 


If your home is a good investment.


Whether college is a good decision.


Why you need a professional to help with investing and taxes. 

Then, learn the simple rules that will enable you to:

Spend less.


Earn more.


Invest better.


Achieve financial independence.


Design the life you want.

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About The AuthorS

Chris Mamula, Brad Barrett, & Jonathan Mendonsa

Chris Mamula regularly writes about financial independence while expanding the conversation around what retirement is and can be at His articles have been featured on MarketWatch, DoughRoller, and Business Insider.

Chris achieved financial independence and retired from his physical therapy career in 2017, at the age of 41. In addition to writing, he now focuses on being a dedicated husband, stay at home dad and dirtbag/ski-bum depending on the season at his home in the mountains of Utah.

After years in public accounting as a CPA, Brad Barrett reached financial independence at the age of 35 through diligent savings and investing. Brad Is passionate about everything from saving money, to living a more healthy lifestyle, to ‘boring’ things like tracking your finances and cutting down on your tax bill. But his favorite topic is leveraging credit card rewards to save more money, and take trips you never would have dreamed possible for pennies on the dollar.

Prior to discovering the financial independence/ early retirement movement, Jonathan Mendonsa followed the “normal path,” which ultimately led him to graduate pharmacy school at the age of 28 with $168,000 in student loans. Now, four years later, he has clawed his way out of debt and is aggressively pursuing financial independence. From his own experience, Jonathan is passionate about the pursuit of financial independence and its power to change lives. He is thrilled to share his experiments in life optimization as a co-host of the ChooseFI podcast.

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