Can I Retire Yet?

If you’re asking that question, you’re in the right spot. Use the resources on this page to help you make the best decisions for reaching financial independence.

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We encourage you to start by getting intentional about what you want your life to look like. Then reverse engineer your finances to line up with that life as you build financial independence and consider retirement.

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The next objective is to determine how much money you need to support the lifestyle you want to live. Darrow has spent countless hours researching and evaluating retirement calculators.

Pralana Gold Calculator

If you want to get more serious with your numbers, we recommend the Pralana Gold calculator. It provides one of the most advanced financial models available at any price.

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For those of you ready to take a deeper dive, Darrow and Chris have each written books.
Can I Retire Yet?

How to answer the biggest financial question of the rest of your life.

Choose FI

Master your finances and design the life you truly want.

Retiring Sooner

Accelerate your financial independence and retire earlier.

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