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  • Aging with a Plan: How a Little Thought Today Can Vastly Improve Your Tomorrow, Sharona Hoffman: Cross-cutting, research-based survey of the key retirement planning topics. Financial, but not only. Community living, home management, legal, driving, coordinated care, long-term care, and end of life issues.
  • Can I Retire? Mike Piper: Compact guide covers the essentials. How much money? Safe withdrawal rates, annuities, portfolios, rollovers, asset allocation, buckets, and taxes.
  • Fail-Safe Investing, Harry Browne: The conservative investing classic. How to protect your money with simple, savvy asset classes. Browne’s Permanent Portfolio continues to attract followers.
  • How Much Money Do I Need to Retire? Todd Tresidder: One of the most comprehensive treatments of the topic. Uses three different approaches for answering the retirement question.
  • Money for Life: Turn Your IRA and 401(k) Into a Lifetime Retirement Paycheck, Steve Vernon: Introduces a process for estimating your retirement number. Covers the different retirement income generators. Outlines the key LIFE goals for your assets: longevity protection, inflation protection, flexibility/financial legacy, and minimizing exposure to market risk.
  • Retire on Less Than You Think, Fred Brock: Valuable if optimistic guide. Good advice on downsizing. Comprehensive discussion of health-insurance, now dated. Argues you can count on Social Security.
  • Social Security Made Simple, Mike Piper: Takes on the formidable task of simplifying Social Security, and succeeds. Concludes with six invaluable Social Security Rules of Thumb.
  • Sprinter RV Buyer’s Guide, Greg Keith: Over 330 pages packed with photos, specifications, floorplans, owner’s reviews, NHTSA recall details/consumer issues, for every major model of North American Sprinter motorhome available. Impartial and up-to-date.
  • The 4% Rule and Safe Withdrawal Rates in Retirement, Todd Tresidder: A comprehensive review of safe withdrawal rate history, plus current research, and how it applies to modern retirement. The past does not predict the future!
  • The Four Pillars of Investing, William Bernstein: The most comprehensive overview of investing most of us will ever need. Theory, history, psychology, business. Plus safe withdrawals and allocating your own portfolio.
  • The Random Walk Guide to Investing, Burton Malkiel: Concise, well-organized, well-pedigreed argument for passive index investing. Lots of backing data.
  • The Simple Path to Wealth, JL Collins: Jim enjoys a financially independent lifestyle while sharing money and life lessons through his blog. His Stock Series introduced passive index investing to a wide audience. Now you can get the same wisdom, distilled in book form. He tells you how to avoid common investing fears, misconceptions, and mistakes. He teaches about diversification, asset classes, asset allocation and the best way to use retirement plans. This is a simple, proven path to investment success from a guy who actually did it. If you’re new to investing, don’t miss this crash course in the essentials.
  • Women, Money & Prosperity, Donna Phelan: The road to retirement success told from the perspective of four strong sisters — one married, one divorced, one widowed and one who never married. Shows how to establish income for life by creating an investment portfolio, managing credit, building a profitable business, and joining with other women.
  • Work Less, Live More: The Way to Semi-Retirement, Robert Clyatt: One of the first books to present a complete plan for early semi-retirement. Still valuable discussion of costs, safe withdrawals, taxes, and lifestyle.
  • Younger Next Year, Chris Crowley/Henry Lodge: Primarily a health book for men (there’s an edition for women too), this is jam packed with motivation and specific ideas on how to improve the quality of your life in retirement. Turns out that exercise is the fountain of youth, or as close as we’re likely to get. The brief chapter on personal finance is spot on as well.

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