Retiring Sooner

How to Accelerate Your Financial Independence

If you want to retire earlier than average, then you can’t live an average life. You must keep more of what you make, or make more, and preferably both. This book will show you how to:


Accelerate your financial independence and retire earlier.


Make more, keep more of what you make, and grow it faster.


Cut expenses, boost income.


Invest for success with proven strategies for building wealth.


Predict your financial independence date.


Use the most important tools and techniques for reaching financial independence faster.

What Readers Are Saying…
“You just made the concept of retirement for me no longer impossible and actually fathomable and exciting.”


“…exceptional market knowledge, honest, and fiscally conservative. …gives excellent counsel regarding all aspects of money management while always keeping retirement goals in mind. I would recommend his writing to anyone seeking retirement guidance.”


“… you explain things so thoroughly and broadly. My husband and I are almost totally ignorant regarding investing and are concerned about what to do with our limited retirement funds….very detailed and practical information that is giving us much food for thought for different investment options.”


“…practical, clear, laid out in a reasonable step-by-step process and even has a little of the inner soul to encourage people to be less greedy and more ALIVE. I am impressed. I hope that many people get to use your ideas.”


What You’ll Learn…


How soon you could actually retire: the critical relation between savings rate and working years


The single most important factor for monitoring and achieving financial independence


The potential retirement lifestyles, and how much they will cost you


Secrets to controlling inflation in your lifestyle


The essential money tools for achieving financial independence


A quick introduction to safe, simple passive index investing 


What you must know to retire sooner


A gold mine of proven tips for cutting expenses and spending less 


The 4 proven strategies for boosting income and building wealth

About The Author

Darrow Kirkpatrick

The founder of, Darrow Kirkpatrick relied on a modest lifestyle, high savings rate, and simple passive index investing to retire at age 50 from a career as a civil and software engineer. He has been quoted or published in The Wall Street Journal, MarketWatch, Kiplinger, The Huffington Post, Consumer Reports, and Money Magazine among others.

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