How to Make the Biggest Financial Decision of the Rest of Your Life

You’ve worked hard, lived carefully, and saved diligently. You’ve reached major milestones and amassed more assets than you dreamed possible, and yet you hesitate. “Can I retire?”

This book will help answer that question by showing you:

All about retirement health care, Social Security, investment management, annuities, retirement withdrawals, and retirement calculators. It’s what you must know before leaving a career behind. The information and tools you need to live a secure and independent retirement….

What Readers Are Saying…

“…extremely thoughtful, rational, and thorough information on a wide range of financial topics related to retirement.”


“…super informative even though I consider myself pretty informed on financial matters (I’m a CPA). Your writing style is very easy to read and you get your point across well without being preachy.”


“…probably one of the best summaries I have seen in my career, in terms of being objective, straightforward, and not trying to sell me something. I am a retired portfolio manager, trust officer, and a CFP, etc., and your message is very good. Thank you!”


“…one of the clearest writers on retirement – there’s not that underlying hype/anxiety, or sense of contentless content, that I encounter many places…”



  • The tools you need to live a secure and independent retirement, without worrying about money
  • What you must know before leaving a career behind
  • How much it will cost you to live in retirement, and how to manage your cash flow
  • The current choices for retirement health care, including lesser-known but effective options
  • The threat from inflation: two secrets that politicians and bankers will never admit
  • A realistic assessment of the impact that income taxes will have on your retirement
  • Social Security’s role in your retirement: when you should claim and how much it’s worth to you
  • How to construct and manage an investment portfolio for income and growth in retirement
  • About immediate annuities and why you need multiple sources of retirement income
  • The key variables and unknowns in your retirement withdrawal equation
  • Reviews of the best retirement calculators, and tips for how to use them accurately
  • Beyond the simplistic 4% Rule to the latest research on safe withdrawal rates
  • Realistic bracketing of your retirement savings needs, without over caution or overconfidence
  • The history of economic cycles and the related asset classes for optimal retirement security
  • A survey of strategies plus original research for how to orchestrate your retirement distributions
  • A practical retirement fuel gauge alerting you to problems while you still have time to act
  • Backup plans: the lifeboat strategies for ensuring you’ll never be without essential income
  • The 6 crucial questions to answer before you can retire
  • The one, simple, powerful, non-financial reason that you can and should retire earlier than later


Darrow Kirkpatrick

The founder of, Darrow Kirkpatrick relied on a modest lifestyle, high savings rate, and simple passive index investing to retire at age 50 from a career as a civil and software engineer. He has been quoted or published in The Wall Street Journal, MarketWatch, Kiplinger, The Huffington Post, Consumer Reports, and Money Magazine among others.