January 2018–Best of the Web

I hope your year is off to a great start. We received some major publicity to start the year. Glen Ruffenach of the Wall Street Journal included Darrow among his favorite writers on retirement planning, placing him in very impressive company. Also, … [Continue reading]

The Fundamental Problem With Retirement Planning

I recently read “The Personal MBA” by Josh Kaufman. The book describes universal principles that can be applied to any business. As a student of personal finance and retirement planning, I saw many parallels between business principles described … [Continue reading]

5 Factors To Consider Before You Roll Over Your 401(k) To An IRA

During my working years, I invested regularly into my 401(k).  I chose to use my 401(k) to take advantage of the considerable tax benefits available to an early retiree. This consistent saving, combined with an incredible bull market over the last … [Continue reading]

Hello, I’m Not Mr. Money Mustache

I recently had the opportunity to sit down to dinner with a group of writers who focus on real estate investing and entrepreneurship. At dinner, I shared that I wrote about early retirement planning. I revealed that, at the time, I was a few weeks … [Continue reading]

My Investment Portfolio: 2018

Stock certificates - 6

The past year was one of the best of my investing career. And likely yours too. No complaints. But beware complacency. The Dow Jones Industrial Average returned around 28% including dividends for 2017. My very conservative and diversified … [Continue reading]

My Favorite Blogs: 2017

Sun Mountain

It's been a good year at Can I Retire Yet? And it's the season for reflection and thanks.... When it comes to this blog, I'd like to single out for special thanks my business partner David at Ekorau LLC, my colleague Stuart at Pralana … [Continue reading]

Why Taxes Matter for Retirement Calculations: The New Law

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First, many thanks to the hundreds of people who downloaded and tried our new Free retirement calculator for Android, and to those who have purchased the Pro version. We appreciate the support and positive reviews! We're committed to making … [Continue reading]

How to Hedge Your Retirement Plan

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The following is a guest contribution from blogging friend Stephen Chen, the founder and CEO of NewRetirement, an online retirement planning service focused on helping people prepare for and make the most of their resources in retirement. Steve's … [Continue reading]

10 Steps to Investing Success

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"...the issue isn’t managing your investments, it’s managing yourself while you manage your investments." --Charles Hugh Smith I started investing in my mid-30's and became financially independent at age 50. Over that time, I learned much, had … [Continue reading]

Deciding Whether to Take a Pension Lump Sum: The 2 Opposing Methods

Counting out coins from jar

The following is a guest contribution from reader and fellow blogger Grumpus Maximus, a 40-something U.S. military officer with 18 years of active duty service under his belt. Grumpus has recently realized that, with some minor lifestyle adjustments, … [Continue reading]

The 3 Great Misconceptions About Retirement Saving

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Retirement planning can be hard. Annuities, estates, health care, retirement calculators, safe withdrawal rates, Social Security, taxes. There are many pieces to a successful retirement plan. But almost all of those topics boil down and feed … [Continue reading]

A Flexible Plan For Health Insurance In Early Retirement

Health insurance puzzle

Health care costs present a major planning challenge for a pending retiree. The earlier one would like to retire, the more daunting the challenge of bridging the gap to Medicare eligibility. America has the most expensive health care system … [Continue reading]

Managed-Payout Funds: One-Stop Shopping for Retirement Income?

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The holy grail of retirement income is guaranteed, inflation-adjusted payments that last a lifetime, with principal left over. Annuities offer that kind of lifetime income, at the cost of giving up your principal. But true inflation-adjusted … [Continue reading]

Summer Travels: Seize the Day

Darrow by campfire

It would be my last night in the Sierra for a long while. As I stared into the campfire under the star-filled sky last week, I reflected on how far I'd come: That day we had hiked nearly nine miles with full backpacks. We had climbed 1,000 feet up, … [Continue reading]

Conquer 3 Critical Early Retirement Challenges by Redefining ‘Retirement’

challenge list

For the first decade of my adult life I was saving diligently while coasting through life with vague ideas that someday I could retire early. As my wife and I reached our mid 30’s, we paid off our home and saw our investment balances building. We … [Continue reading]

Getting a Mortgage When You Have Assets But No Income

House on calculator

Most early retirees have no pension, annuity, or Social Security income. Even if you're a traditional retiree, you might have only one of those income streams. But what if your lifestyle plans require a home purchase? Even if you have the savings to … [Continue reading]

Designing Your Home Ownership to Retire Earlier

House design

The following is a guest contribution from reader and blogging friend Chris Mamula, a pending early-retiree in his 40’s. Chris has been writing on personal finance topics for several years. His efforts first came to my attention with his insightful … [Continue reading]

Raising Cash: My Retirement Withdrawal “System”

printing 100 dollar bills

Our cash was running low. It had been a year and a half since I sold significant assets. Last month, when I added up our liquid reserves, they were down to about six months of living expenses. For many a young worker that would be a cushy emergency … [Continue reading]

Generating Retirement Income Before Age 59-½

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You've saved diligently your entire working career. You've maxed out your retirement savings accounts. And it's paid off. You've reached the point of financial independence, early. Or, maybe you were laid off, or took an early severance package. … [Continue reading]

Dealing with an Inherited IRA

paper roll inside chest

The letter caught me by surprise. Titled "IRA/ESA Certificate Maturity Notice," it was from a major credit union where, so far as I knew, I had no accounts. The document went on to say that an IRA Certificate of deposit, with my name on the … [Continue reading]

Gone Fishin’

Darrow crossing middle fork

Are you a beach person, a lake person, a mountain person, or a mixture? For my money, there is nowhere more beautiful on earth than the high peaks in summertime. I don't fish much, but I sure do like to camp, hike, and bike in the mountains. This … [Continue reading]