New Social Security Rules: Do You Need a Calculator?

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The only constant is change. Do a little retirement planning, and you’ll soon bump into that truth. Earlier this month the U.S. government gave us another reminder: The Bipartisan Budget Act of 2015 made some of the most significant changes to Social Security benefits in years. Lawmakers unexpectedly tacked the changes onto an emergency measure to avoid a U.S. debt default, catching many observers by surprise. Though, since Social Security is a primary driver of U.S. debt, maybe we should be grateful our contentious government could muster some progress on its longstanding financial issues….

So, what has changed? The “file and suspend” and “restricted application” claiming strategies, obscure and complex options once available to two-earner couples, will soon belong to the past. These strategies were an unintended consequence of a law passed in 2000 to encourage working during retirement. They might have remained vague technicalities but for the introduction of software and books aimed at “getting what’s yours” out of Social Security. The loopholes grew in popularity.

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Are You Feeling Lucky? The Two Schools of Retirement Income…

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A Short Course in Investing

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Running Low in Retirement: Income Strategies

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Running Low in Retirement: Expense Strategies

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What to Do When the Market Tanks

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Traveling in a Small RV


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Is Early Retirement Irresponsible?

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The Ideal Retirement Location – Will we stay in Santa Fe?

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Why You Need Multiple Sources of Retirement Income

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Socially Responsible Investing: Worth the Price?

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Most of us want to be "socially responsible" -- however we define that. We don't want to trash the planet for our children and grandchildren. We don't think corporations should exploit their workers or their communities. And we don't intend to profit … [Continue reading]

Long-Term Care Insurance: Why We Aren’t Buying It

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Long-Term Care Insurance: Beyond the Sales Pitch

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Financial Security in an Uncertain World: Protecting Your Wealth

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Financial Security in an Uncertain World: Assessing the Risks

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Does Owning a Vacation Home Make Sense?

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Financial Simplicity: What is Your Time Worth?

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Shopping Obamacare: Comparing Plans / Awaiting a Verdict

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Much of my journey to early retirement was carefully planned. I saved a lot, invested carefully, read extensively. But in one area -- health care -- I was just plain lucky. Health insurance is one of the most critical issues in retirement: To live … [Continue reading]

Financial Freedom on a Shoestring

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I'll admit it. I've led a life of some privilege. Maybe I didn't have it easy. But I didn't have it hard either. Simply by virtue of birth, I inherited most of the essential assets for my journey to financial independence…. No, my parents … [Continue reading]