Shopping Obamacare: Good Deal for Retirees?

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Open enrollment under the new health care law closed for 2014 at the end of March. There won’t be another opportunity to apply for coverage until late in the year. There is nothing like a deadline to move someone to action. So, even though we are fortunate to have excellent retiree health benefits already, I decided I ought to compare the offerings from the new health care exchanges to our current plan, and see if we could get a better deal.

As a potential and now actual early retiree, I’ve followed the new health care law closely since before its inception. Along with lower earners and those with pre-existing conditions, early retirees have been one of the groups most likely to benefit from the law. That’s because we are prone to fall into a health insurance “gap” after our employer-sponsored plans run out, and before Medicare starts at age 65.

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Asset Classes for Early Retirement

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My Investment Portfolio: 2014

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Having Kids vs. Retiring Earlier

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My Retirement Fears

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Retirement Withdrawal Strategies

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Moving West – Part 2

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Early vs. Traditional Retirement


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The Ideal Retirement Location

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Short-Term Housing

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Living Efficiently in a Small RV

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News, Views and Summer Travels

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Investing in Real Estate

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How We Sold Our House in 24 Hours

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The “Perfect” Retirement Calculator

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Retiring Sooner – My New Book

Retiring Sooner

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Protecting Your Assets in a Digital World

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