Your Retirement Roadmap

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This blog is a useful format for a range of topics related to saving, investing, and retiring. But I’ve also been asked for a more structured approach to retirement. So, after a lot of writing and organizing — and quite a bit of living, in order to learn the lessons described — I’m pleased to offer the result: a “Retirement Roadmap.”

The Roadmap is an online resource for readers of this blog that gives an overview of the entire retirement process, from early career steps, to mid-career adjustments, to the final retirement decision and initial stages of retirement itself. Each section includes an introduction to the topic, then a checklist of action items: key steps or rules of thumb. These checklists distill most of my valuable lessons learned into a simple, compact format that takes only a few minutes to read.

Be advised that retirement planning can be a vast and complex subject. I’ve distilled it into 9 essential topics, to get you started. And I do believe this is the actionable information that most people need to know. Still, for some, my checklists could seem overwhelming. More background explanation and supporting detail will be essential to actually implement the ideas. And, if you are a seasoned investor, my checklists may seem simplistic. You will understand that there are subtleties and complexities that I have purposefully ignored.

But, I think for many people with some exposure to personal finance and investing, my action items will provide the key essential shortcuts for optimizing your path to retirement. So please take a look at the Roadmap now. You can start at the beginning, or jump in at whatever point is right for you:

I’ll continue working to expand and fill in this outline. So keep an eye out for new posts and information here. In the meantime, when you’re done browsing through the Roadmap, I’ll be keenly interested in your feedback.

What was helpful, or not? What would you like to see expanded on? And what is most important to you? Please leave your comments below, or feel free to Contact Me here in person. Thanks!

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