Year-End Projects

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It’s been a good year for Can I Retire Yet? — growing to average daily traffic in the hundreds of visitors, with peaks in the thousands. In early October, Yahoo Finance picked up the story, and then I was invited to guest post on two of the top personal finance blogs: Mr. Money Mustache and Oblivious Investor. Next, Quizzle got into the act, naming Can I Retire Yet? a Personal Finance Blog of the Week.

Most importantly, I’ve had many contacts from readers like you, sharing your interests and concerns for saving, investing, and retiring earlier. It’s that feedback that truly makes this effort worthwhile, and keeps me going. I plan to keep on building and writing Can I Retire Yet? as long as I can help fill the need for first-hand, do-it-yourself retirement information. And I don’t see that need going away anytime soon….

But, in order to make some infrastructure investments here, I’m going to take a break from regular posting during this year-end, holiday season. I’ll use the time to rest and recharge, celebrate life with family and friends, and, possibly, even pretend I’m retired! Importantly, behind the scenes, I’ll be pursuing two big projects:

  1. For starters, I’ll be changing my web host and blogging platform.. You should only notice small changes at first. The blog will be easier to read — wider, with more white space, and larger fonts. And it will work better on mobile devices. The new platform will also give me access to better resources for growing the blog, including better connections to social media, for example. And it will be more reliable and scalable.
  2. I’m also putting the finishing touches on the first of several books, which I expect to publish in the New Year. I’m excited to offer concrete products, based on the content of this blog, which will systematically explore the do-it-yourself retirement process. I’m currently planning three books, one each on retiring sooner, the retirement equation, and retirement income. I’m looking forward to sharing the results here soon.

I expect to resume regular posting again after the New Year. Rest assured, even though you might not hear from me as often as usual over the next few weeks, I’ll be working steadily to bring this blog’s message of saving more, investing smarter, and retiring sooner to a new level. So keep checking back!

And, of course, I will continue to answer emails and reply to comments on posts — so please get in touch with your thoughts, questions, or suggestions any time….

Best wishes,