Retiring Sooner – My New Book

My first book, Retiring Sooner: How to Accelerate Your Financial Independence, is available on Amazon now for Kindle and in paperback. Just click the cover image below to get your copy. If you want, you can save quite a bit by getting the electronic version. And, you don’t even need a Kindle to read it — Amazon offers free reading apps for your phone, tablet, or computer (Kindle for PC, Kindle for Mac).

Retiring Sooner cover

Retiring Sooner took a lifetime of living and two years of writing to create. It is my take on the process of becoming financially independent. The book covers what you must know to retire earlier. This includes your financial dashboard, desired retirement lifestyle, essential money tools, passive index investing, and the critical relation between savings rate and working years.The most extensive part of the book details more than a dozen ways to accelerate your financial freedom by spending less, and earning more.

If you are in a career now and contemplating how to achieve financial independence, then Retiring Sooner will provide invaluable motivation and hands-on guidance that gets you to the finish line faster. If you know somebody earlier in their career who would benefit from a concise but comprehensive overview of personal finance, the book would make a great gift. And if you simply want to support this blog, then getting a copy and leaving a review on Amazon will be a great help to me!

And, Another Retirement Book

If you are already nearing retirement and wondering whether you can make the leap, then you will probably be interested in my second book, covering the retirement equation.

Can I Retire?

Also, here is another great way to answer many of your questions related to making the retirement decision: Get Mike Piper’s excellent book Can I Retire? The new edition has several updated sections and is available now for Kindle and in paperback.

Mike writes the top investing blog Oblivious Investor, and is one the clearest and most consistent voices in personal finance. His book Can I Retire? discusses retirement income and expenses, inflation, taxes, pensions, Social Security, safe withdrawal rates, annuities, portfolio management, and tax planning. It was one of the key books I read that gave me the confidence to make my own leap to early retirement. Highly recommended!