What Do We Mean by “Retirement”?

The idea of retirement is an invention of the last 75 years. Before then, people had no expectation of "retirement" in the modern sense. It's worth analyzing this concept a little closer, before we arrive there, to make sure it's a place we want to … [Continue reading]

Wish Lists and Dining Cash

Spending less is the simplest, most direct way to increase your effective income, and build wealth. Done right, being thrifty is fun and liberating. Here are a couple of easy, favorite techniques for reducing or controlling your … [Continue reading]

Can You Count on Social Security?

It's trendy in some circles to discount Social Security completely. But when you look at the facts for those nearing retirement now, that just isn't realistic. Social Security will be a key part of retirement for most of us. Social Security is in … [Continue reading]