Coaching with Darrow

Work with Me to Get on Track


  • ​Want support and accountability to realize your dreams?
  • Need to take control of your spending and saving?
  • Want to create more income, a better job, or side business?
  • Want to manage your own nest egg but don't know how?


  • Need more free time for recreation, travel, or growth?
  • Unsure about financial independence, or hesitant to retire?
  • Ready to retire, but don't know what comes next?
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What We'll Do

  • Identify your priorities, goals, and dreams at a deep level
  • Inventory your resources, assets, and skills
  • Expose fears, limitations, and misconceptions in your way
  • Leverage your wisdom: You are the expert on your life!
  • Develop a step-by-step plan to move in your best direction
  • Learn and hone the habits and skills to follow your plan
  • Monitor your progress along the way
  • Make course corrections as you get feedback

What We Won't Do

  • Hide in our comfort zones or indulge in vague generalities
  • Complain about the past or the state of the world
  • Waste time worrying about what you can't control
  • Engage in busywork that doesn't lead to your goals
  • Pursue unrealistic get-rich-quick fantasies
  • Drop into detailed financial planning or investment advice
  • Discuss active investing, stock picking, or tax strategies
  • Let fear get in the way of taking action and getting feedback -- even if it means small failures along the way
  • Give up on creating better, happier, richer lives
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About Me

  • Years of experience managing high-performing individuals
  • Founded successful software firm starting in my 20's
  • Retired from project management at age 50
  • Financially independent with net worth >> $1M
  • Crafted a frugal, flexible, adventurous retirement lifestyle
  • Started personal finance blog with >> 50K visitors/month
  • Published two personal finance books with an average 4.5 stars and >>150 reviews on
  • Ongoing 15-year study and practice in contemplative and meditation traditions
  • Seasoned climber, cyclist, and wilderness traveler



...innovative and practical ideas ... integrity beyond reproach and a real desire to help people..."


...a thoughtful and measured approach to life and all its challenges..."


...thought provoking...clear and accessible to the average person..."


...very detailed and practical information that is giving us much food for thought..."


...honest, and fiscally conservative ... excellent counsel..."


...informative and well organized and a breath of fresh air..."


...practical, clear, laid out in a reasonable step-by-step process..."


...information and insights that I have never gotten anywhere else..."

How to Get Started

Are you in the middle of a career and looking for more in life, or nearing retirement and wondering what's next?

I have room for a few new coaching clients each month. I'm looking to work with motivated people who are a good match to my background and approach.


I offer a competitive starting rate, and a discount if you purchase multiple sessions:


Single coaching calls.

1 60-minute Session

Email Follow-up



Multiple, integrated coaching calls.

3 60-minute Sessions

Email Follow-up


Unlike some coaches, I have no agenda for your commitment: Sign up for as much or as little coaching as you like. There is no ongoing obligation. (Note, I reserve the right to change my rates and add or drop clients at any time.)

To complete and submit your application, click below. There is no obligation. If I have space and we look like a good match, I'll send you an email invitation with a contract, payment link, and calendar for scheduling your first session.

​I look forward to working with you!