Can I Retire Yet? — The Book

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Three years in the making, my second book is available now. You can get it on Amazon, in paperback or Kindle.

Can I Retire Yet cover

Can you retire yet? I’ve been studying this tricky question for a decade, and this book is my answer. It captures the best of this blog in a comprehensive, readable “how-to” format.

This is the book I’d want to read, if I were facing the retirement decision again. It’s a complete and organized exploration of the retirement question. The aim is to give you the tools for making your own best decision, and living a secure and independent retirement, without worrying about money.

The book is based on my own extensive reading and research on the retirement decision and living in retirement. I cover the conventional retirement planning topics in depth, with plenty of facts and numbers, but also with a personal touch: from expenses to income, withdrawal rates, investing, annuities, and much more….

I also offer a wealth of lesser-known but equally critical information based on my personal experience: You’ll learn about retirement modeling, separating from a career, part-time retirement jobs, and backup plans. Woven throughout is my actual experience, living as an early retiree.

I do cover investing in retirement from several different angles, but this is not a technical finance or investing book. You get a survey of all the available options, not just one viewpoint or formula. I have no interest in pushing a particular financial product or solution. Everybody’s situation is different, and there is more than one “right” retirement income solution.

This might be the first retirement book to clearly state that there is NO exact answer to the question of how much you need to retire, and to explain why. Yes, there are certain financial thresholds you probably need to reach. But beyond that, it’s more about having knowledge, flexibility, and backup plans for monitoring and managing your retirement as it unfolds. The book doesn’t pretend to answer questions that can’t be answered, but it does help you make this major life decision.

And, ultimately, this is much more than a financial decision. I understand the mental terrain people traverse in facing the retirement question, because I’ve been through it myself and I’ve heard from hundreds of readers in the same situation.

Can you retire yet? My new book helps answer that question by showing you….

  • How much it will cost you to live in retirement, and how to manage your cash flow
  • The current choices for retirement health care, including lesser-known but effective options
  • Social Security’s role in your retirement: when you should claim and how much it’s worth to you
  • How to construct and manage an investment portfolio for income and growth in retirement
  • About immediate annuities and why you need multiple sources of retirement income
  • The key variables and unknowns in your retirement withdrawal equation
  • Reviews of the best retirement calculators, and tips for how to use them accurately
  • Beyond the simplistic 4% Rule to the latest research on safe withdrawal rates
  • Realistic bracketing of your retirement savings needs, without over caution or overconfidence
  • The history of economic cycles and the related asset classes for optimal retirement security
  • A survey of strategies plus original research for how to orchestrate your retirement distributions
  • A practical retirement fuel gauge alerting you to problems while you still have time to act
  • Backup plans: the lifeboat strategies for ensuring you’ll never be without essential income
  • The one, simple, powerful, non-financial reason that you can and should retire earlier than later

Can I Retire Yet? — How to Make the Biggest Financial Decision of the Rest of Your Life

If you’re faced with the retirement question, or know somebody who is, order a copy today….

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